Dennis Larson

Dennis Larson

Executive Vice President

Dennis has been with CIB since 1985, serving as Executive Vice President since 1991. Prior to that he was with the State of Illinois Capital Development Board. Dennis is responsible for the overall operation and daily affairs of the association. In this capacity he serves on several industry and educational advisory boards and committees. Dennis holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla and is a registered professional engineer.


Roger Hubner

Roger Huebner

Director of Labor Relations

Central Illinois Builders welcomed Roger Huebner to the staff in early 2016 as Director of Labor Relations. Roger brings an exceptionally strong background and perspective to his responsibilities for negotiating labor agreements, grievances, and serving as a pension and benefits trustee on numerous funds and general duties to CIB. Before coming on board with CIB, Roger had a distinguished career as Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel at the Illinois Municipal League for 28 years. The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm he brings to CIB is a great benefit to the membership and industry.


Cathy Helton


Cathy has been with CIB since 1999, she has previously worked for the State of Illinois. Cathy handles all things financial at CIB.


Carolyn Brown

Office Administrator

Carolyn is the voice you hear first when calling the CIB Office. She has been with CIB since 2001 — and you guessed it — she too came to CIB from the State of Illinois.