Substance Abuse Testing

Central Illinois Builders of AGC is committed to substance abuse prevention, detection and rehabilitation. The construction industry can be a dangerous work environment. Impaired workers are a danger to themselves and others. Almost all statistical data suggests that workers with substance abuse problems have higher rates of absenteeism, are more prone to jobsite accidents and are simply not as productive. CIB/AGC considers substance abuse to be a serious, but correctable problem and as a result has entered into or is continuing dialogue with many of the basic craft unions to implement substance abuse testing programs.

CIB has retained Construction Data Services (CDS) as a third party administrator to provide substance abuse testing services for most of the basic crafts with whom CIB negotiates. To contact or learn more about CDS, go to

Relevant documents for those trades with substance abuse testing programs are listed below:

Carpenters, Mid-Central Illinois Regional Council

Iron Workers Locals 46 and 380

Laborers, Southern and Central District Council
Locals 159, 477, 703.

Central Illinois Trowel Trades
Covers BAC 8, OPCM 18, OPCM 143 and PDC 58.

NOTE: Effective January 1, 2008, Public Act 95-0635, referred to as the Substance Abuse Prevention on Public Works Act becomes law. For full text of this law, click here.