Workers Compensation Plan

On October 1, 1981 the Consolidated Construction Safety Fund of Illinois (CCSFI) became the second self-insured group to be approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance under the authority of Rule 29.01. This was accomplished through the combined efforts of the initial CCSFI members and trustees, Central Illinois Builders of AGC, and Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI). At that time in history, contractors in Illinois were faced with skyrocketing insurance rates, ineffective insurance services, and cancelled insurance coverage. Thus, the fundamental purpose of the fund was then as it is today — to provide an affordable and stable long-term workers compensation alternative for reputable, qualifying contractors in Illinois.

Here's what the program offers:

In a self-funded program, the members own the underwriting profit and investment income - therefore, the fewer the losses, the greater the future savings. The Fund is governed by trustees who are owners or company officers already participating in the plan. Companies with adverse claims experience will not qualify for membership.

In most cases, our members pay less than the current commercial market rate.

Aggressive Claims Management
Legitimate claims are paid promptly; false claims are aggressively defended in the members' behalf. Members also have access to the CCSFI claims system, iCE!, which is internet based. The member can review their claims information live in the system and can also report their claims on-line.

Loss Prevention
We offer a tailored loss prevention program and consultations with trained loss control professionals.

Prompt Reporting
Each member receives a monthly report of all claims, reserves and dispositions.

Monthly Installments
After a deposit, each member pays their monthly installment based on their actual payroll, maximizing individual cash flow. This payment schedule fits contractors' seasonal operations.

Excess Insurance
The Fund carries specifc excess insurance which better protects against catastrophic loss.

The Trustees have contracted with Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. located in Danville, Illinois to carry out the managerial duties required by law and rules of the Illinois Department of Insurance. Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. is the largest administrator of self-funded programs in the State of Illinois.