• Safety training and webinars
  • Onsite visits and consultations
  • Program review and development
  • Safety communications
  • Liaison with regulatory agencies
  • Special programs with OSHA


  • Apprenticeship information and coordination
  • Support of student organizations
  • Scholarships
  • Supports career and technical education
  • Wage and benefit information


  • Committees
  • Representation on national AGC committees
  • Various membership activities throughout the year to connect with peers and explore new business prospects
  • Annual meeting


  • Members’ voice for the construction industry
  • Partners with other pertinent groups for legislation supporting and fostering construction
  • Works with the Governor’s Office and Illinois Department of Labor on important issues


Members benefit from CIB’s participation in the legislative process at the local, state, and federal levels by the coordination of support for bills favorable to construction while challenging unfavorable legislation. During legislative sessions, periodic updates on current legislation are sent to members through email alerts and updates to cibagc.org.


The strength of our collective bargaining agreements and labor relations activity is driven by our trusted relationships with union contractors and leadership. Wage rates (basic trades), collective bargaining agreements, contract expiration dates, labor relations updates, and collective bargaining authorization are just a few of the valuable resources available exclusively to CIB-AGC members and contractors who also benefit from members-only discounts at member-discount programs.


Attention to safety is the right thing to do on the job, and it can also affect the company’s bottom line. CIB provides a range of safety services for contractors. CIB and AGC of America are well equipped to assist contractors with everything necessary to run the safest jobs possible.


CIB’s objective is to develop workforce solutions that attract and train the most capable individuals to join the commercial construction industry in central Illinois. AGC built a workforce development platform that connects to job seekers through planning and collaborating with AGC members, industry partners, and local workforce development agencies at the trades and management levels.


Membership in AGC pays dividends. The discount program for members offers access to high-quality services, leading technology, and some of the finest products in the market. From discounts on vehicles to office supplies to cloud-based construction management solutions, AGC has partnered with the best to give you the most for your money and improve your daily business operations.

Any firm that has its livelihood wholly or in part derived from the construction industry may be a member of CIB, which has three classes of members:


General contractors and construction managers engaged in public and/or private sector construction projects.


An entrance fee of $100 must accompany each membership application. Dues are based on volume from the prior year and billed annually in January. Those dues paid to CIB include AGC of America membership.


Prior year annual volume of LESS than $10 million = $1,000
Prior year annual volume of MORE than $10 million = $2,600
These dues provide CIB of AGC and AGC of America membership for the year.


An individual or firm employing job site labor but not responsible for overall project coordination.


An entrance fee of $100 must accompany each membership application. Annual dues are $660, billed annually in January for CIB of AGC and AGC of America membership.


Individuals or firms in associated industries qualify if aligned with construction and have a material interest in the welfare of the industry and this association.


An entrance fee of $100 must accompany each membership application. Annual dues are $400 and billed annually in January for CIB of AGC and AGC of America membership.

All memberships that begin in a month other than January will have dues prorated by month.

Review the membership information kit and complete the membership application. Return it along with a check for the appropriate entrance fee to:

Central Illinois Builders of AGC
300 W. Edwards St., Suite 300
Springfield, IL 62704

Please contact us with questions that might arise during the review or application process.

Request information: info@cibagc.org